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Member's Name:  SBOING Country: Greece ITS & Transport
Company type
Languages Spoken:
Greek, English
Other Certificates:
International Patent, Business Plan Award
Professional Experience:
SBOING(TM) is a new approach to advanced natigation systems by using worlwide users collaboration. The most updated pieces of world maps are put together, tagged with time-variant road data and other attributes, and properly integrated with users' contributions (i.e. uploaded user traces) from all over the world.
SBOING is the "new kid in town" and willing to become the "Advanced Road Wikipedia" of global GPS-based navigation.

Main Case Studies:

The concept proof can be found here 

 Sboing logo

          www.sboing. net            

Member's Name:  GIST Country: Spain Transport
Company type
Languages Spoken:
Spanish, English, Italian
Other Certificates:

Professional Experience:
GIST is the "Grupo de Investigacion de Sistemas de Transporte" (Transport Systems Research Group) of the University of Cantabria in Spain. GIST takes forward its research and development work in the field of Transport Systems. Their professional experience focuses on: mobility studies and traffic, transport demand and network optimisation, social and economic evaluation of transport systems, cost optimisation, network design.

Main Case Studies:

GIST has participated in several projects whose main are:

- Replica - Guidelines for Design of Spanish Network of Inter-modal Transport

- Automated Decision Making System during Emergencies for High-Speed Trains

- Guidelines for studies on Interactions between Land use and New modes of Sustainable Transport

- Guidelines for promoting the use of bycicles


Member No.  ES-TRA-1011.AI1 Country: Spain Title: PhD, Prof. Transport Expert
Degree in:
Civil Engineering - Transportation
Languages Spoken:
Spanish, English
Other Certificates:

Professional Experience:
- Professor of Transport Planning and Director of GIST
- Wide experience in Logistics, Transit Operations Optmisation and Travel Behaviour
- Past experience as Regional Transport Director

Countries where the member worked in:
Spain, Italy
Main Case Studies:

- Effects of the 2000-2007 plan for Infrastructure on Goods Transport in Spain

- Guidelines for mobility surveys

- Mobility Plan for the following Spanish cities: Santander, Leon, Reinosa, Torrelavega

- Guidelines for improving services on Bus Networks and promoting Inter-modality

To contact this EPN Consulting Member please write to: mentioning ES-TRA-1011.AI1 in the subject

Member No.  IT-ITS-1011.RN1 Country: Italy Title: Dr Ing Intelligent Transport Systems and European Projects Expert
Degree in:
Electronic Engineering
Languages Spoken:
Italian, English, French, Chinese
Other Certificates:

Professional Experience:
- Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Expert
- Project Manager of large projects
- Project Manager of large European Projects
- Coordinator of large teams

Countries where the member worked in:
Italy, France, Belgium, USA
Main Case Studies:

- ITS for Trans European  Road Network

- ITS master plans for large cities 

To contact this EPN Consulting Member please write to: mentioning IT-ITS-1011.RN1 in the subject

Member No.  ES-TRA-1107.MV1C Country: Spain Title: MSc Expert in Education for Sustainable Mobility
Degree in:
Languages Spoken:
Spanish, French
Other Certificates:
Technician in Fine Arts and Design
Professional Experience:
- Coordinating Education in Sustainable Mobility in the Province of Malaga
- Tutoring Students of the University of Malaga in the Practicum II subject
- Lectures at Mendoza University (Argentina)
- Lectures at Chiclayo University (Peru)

Countries where the member worked in:
Spain, France, UK, Turkey, Argentina, Peru
Main Case Studies:

- "Grűndtvig" Learning Partnerships (2008-1-FR1-GRU06-00252) on Influence of psychiactive substances while driving

- "Leonardo da Vinci" Partnerships (2561CA41078257CF) on Mobility of People with Mental Disabilities

To contact this EPN Consulting Member please write to: mentioning ES-TRA-1107.MV1C in the subject

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