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Services: Training courses and Seminars

Clients willing to promote innovation across their organisations can rely on EPN Consulting's team to organise tailored training courses and seminars on a number of subjects. Courses and seminars topics will be designed around the client's need taking into account their time availability.

EPN Consulting is pleased to play the mentor’s role to help your organisation grow thanks to more trained human resources

Universities are also invited to contact EPN Consulting to organise seminars for their students.


These courses provide introduction to the world of European Projects with specific focus on the HORIZON 2020 funding programme.
EPN Consulting has designed them by keeping innovation in mind. How? Please go on reading.

Number of Delegates
The number of students per course will not exceed 6 persons in order to ensure a continuous and intensive interaction among teacher and students. This will help students get the most of their attendance.
It is possible to request a "one-2-one" course whose advantages are:
  • Excellent Flexibility in choosing the course dates
  • Complete Freedom of choosing project examples and topics
  • High Cost/Benefit Ratio as the "one-2-one" solution allows the student to extensively discuss and analyse cases of their interest that could help them increase their performance at work


The are two choices: 1-day and 2-day courses
- The 1-day course covers the main topics regarding the European projects procedures and shows some practical examples
- The 2-day course covers all topics of the 1-day course with supplementary thorough analyses plus additional EU programmes

EPN Consulting Head Office in London Victoria (UK)
- UK (London, Bristol)
- Belgium (Brussels)
- Italy (Turin, Milan)
- Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga) 
- further locations available in future
Arrangements at the Client's premises may be discussed

4 reasons to choose the EPN Consulting Courses
Because they have a lot of special contents, constantly updated, and are innovatively organised.
That is:
  1. Attendance Cost - the cost diminishes in proportion to the number of participants
  2. Tailored Contents - examples and best practices discussed within the course will be tailored on the audience's needs, although the main course structure will remain the same
  3. Tailored Calendar - to favour the Client's busy diary the course dates are not fixed but can be agreed with EPN Consulting within a proposed range
  4. International Experience - thanks to its wide International Experience and Network of Professionals, EPN Consulting is able to complement the topics taught with examples and best practices from several countries mainly unknown by the general public



- To learn about currently available European funding schemes in several professional fields 

- To learn about the methodologies of taking part in a EC co-funded project

- To learn about the benefits of taking part in a EC co-funded project

- To learn about the evolution of European funding schemes in the 2014-2020 period

This is a 1-day Seminar on a number of Topics.
- Sustainable Transport
- Smart Mobility in Smart Cities
- Environment
- Renewable Energy Sources
- Enterprises with possible focus on Small-Medium Enterprises
- Higher Education and Research activities

EPN Consulting is happy to set up Customised Seminars if a public/private organisation is interested in specific topics.

Number of Delegates 
The Seminar will take place with a minimum of 6 delegates and will be limited to 20 delegates in order to ensure a continuous and effective interaction.

Who should attend
- Mid/Senior Managers
- Entrepreneurs/Decision Makers
- Project Managers/Project Directors
- University Researchers/Professors
- Local Authorities

Attendance Costs (UK VAT exc.)
Private Companies
Early bird rates £ tbd / tbd EUR ; Regular rates £ tbd / tbd EUR  
Local Authorities, Universities, NGOs
Early bird rates £ tbd / tbd EUR ; Regular rates £ tbd / tbd EUR  

Special Offers (until tbd)
Seminars Delegates are entitled to receive
- 10% discount on any EPN Consulting Professional Service
- 20% discount on any EPN Consulting Membership package

EPN Consulting Members enjoy a discount in accordance with their membership package whereas Recent Graduates receive an extraordinary 20% discount on the course costs

Contact us to receive more information and book your place.

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