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Why join The EPN Consulting Network?

In recent times, being part of a network has become crucial, not only to find a wide range of expertise, but also to foster lateral thinking. EPN Consulting is known in Europe as one of the most flexible consulting firms with a unique feature of being also a network of professionals (individuals and corporate). By joining The EPN Consulting Network you will find:

– Different Backgrounds Merged
– Several Capabilities Complemented
– Major Strength in Bidding
– Exclusive Services to EPN Consulting Members only
– Personal Relationship with each Member
The Membership Packages available are designed to meet a wide range of requirements: from individual professionals to SME and large organisations and from a BRONZE range of services to the GOLD one that can satisfy any demanding member.
The EPN Consulting Network is structured in 3 levels:

1st level – Members and Clients
2nd level – Collaborators and Projects Partners
3rd level – Conferences and Workshops attendees
EPN Consulting has currently Members in a number of EU countries (i.e. UK, Italy, Spain, Greece) and boasts a remarkable group of 2nd and 3rd level contacts in virtually every country in Europe.

The EPN Consulting Network includes Managers, Executives, University professors, language Translators, Architects, Engineers, Senior Consultants in several disciplines.

Individual professionals and Freelancers, in particular, can see EPN Consulting not only as a network but also as a platform which allows them to effectively publicise their experience and capabilities and increase their potential business market.

EPN Consulting Members receive a number of exclusive services including, but not limited to, priority invitations to join bidding teams and European projects consortia as well as specific news relevant to their profession (see here) There is a constant contact between EPN Consulting and their Members in order to be mutually updated about new business opportunities, complement several expertise to prepare successful professional works and achieve ambitious targets.

Every EPN Consulting Member is treated as a Unique, Valuable Component of the Network. They receive personal communications in order to meet their needs in an innovative and bespoke way.

There are 3 packages of EPN Consulting Memberships:

• Micro (1 to 9 employees)
• Students
• SMEs (10 to 249 employees)
• Universities
• Public sector
• NGOs
Large (250+ employees)​
BRONZE Package (BP) £250 / €325 Not available Not available
SILVER Package (SP) £600 / €750 £1,500 / €1,900 £3,200 / €4,000
GOLD Package (SP) £950 / €1,200 £2,500 / €3,300 £6,200 / €7,800
Setup fees (applied the 1st year only) £100 / €130 £250 / €300 £500 / €650

N.B. Members from EU Accession Countries ( enjoy a 50% discount on annual fees of SILVER and GOLD packages. 

To become a member please send an email to