Intelligent and Sustainable Mobility

EPN Consulting boasts deep knowledge and experience in ITS applied to Public Transport, Motorways, Urban Transport, Logistics, Sustainable Transport as well as designing ITS Architectures at Urban, Regional and National level.

To drive decarbonisation and support the Net Zero transition EPN Consulting provides innovative research, strategic consulting, and evidence-based solutions. We bridge the gap between research and real-world implementation, empowering clients to achieve sustainable and inclusive societies.

We are an independent organisation not tied to any OEM – it guarantees the proposed solutions are genuinely chosen based on their effectiveness

We are a multi-cultural company – having consultants and members scattered across Europe helps us keep an open and flexible mind
for solutions that could be applied to Clients’ current needs – this helps make the Consulting Time more effective as some solutions could already have been found/applied somewhere else in Europe

What EPN Consulting does

• Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) masterplans for Road Transport
• ITS Architectures at city/region/nationwide level
• Search, Study and Analysis of the most effective technologies based on independent assessments
• Strategic advice on Intelligent Mobility to create Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platforms
• Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) using ITS solutions
• Smart Mobility in Smart Cities

What EPN Consulting does not

• Design and perform Systems Integrations
• Design and build systems
• Install and maintain systems

European Projects: Advising and Assistance

NEW – Following the 7-Sept-2023 announcement of the UK Government that the UK is due to rejoin Horizon Europe as of 1st Jan 2024, we are happy to inform our Clients that we have set up a “UK-based Horizon Europe Task Force” dedicated to assist them preparing and submitting robust proposals. We can also help them search for partners in Europe to build ad-hoc consortia. Contact us for more information.

For other EU-funding schemes please refer to our sister company EPN Consulting Research and Innovation, based in Dublin (Ireland).

Knowledge Transfer

EPN Consulting believes that organisations should pay special attention to having a good and efficient business management because this creates economy of scale and allows to better exploit existing workforce experience and capabilities.
It is therefore important that knowledge and know-how are properly transferred across every organisation department.

If you would like to learn how to:
• Improve your communication methodologies
• Manage your business effectively and efficiently
• Enhance your productivity
• Optimise your resources
EPN Consulting is here to help you, available to discuss your current situation and find out which improvements can be introduced to boast your business.

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Climate Change

With the “Climate Change” term, the UN refers to the long-term changes in the Earth’s climate that are warming the atmosphere, ocean and land. Climate change is affecting the balance of ecosystems that support life and biodiversity, and impacting health. It also causes more extreme weather events, such as more intense and/or frequent hurricanes, floods, heat waves, and droughts, and leads to sea level rise and coastal erosion as a result of ocean warming, melting of glaciers, ad loss of ice sheets.


We at EPN Consulting advise Clients on how they should change the current way of doing their business, travelling, corporate habits, personnel mindsets, etc. to prevent climate change effects from becoming irreversible. Our assistance concerns all sets of habits- either professional or personal – at both individual and corporate level.


Feel free to get in touch and know how we could help you and your organisation become greener!

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Circular Economy

As the World Economic Forum reports: “A circular pivot does not happen by looking at segments of the organization in isolation. To capitalize on the transformational power of the circular business models and enabling disruptive technologies, and to accomplish a holistic pivot, organisations must advance their circular maturity across four dimensions: Ecosystems, Operations, Products/Services and Culture”.


We at EPN Consulting work on each dimension to provide fully customised solutions that satisfy our Clients’ needs while keeping in mind markets and growth objectives.

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International Expansion

EPN Consulting has specialised in helping SMEs grow and expand internationally. Often SMEs with excellent products are focused on improving the quality of their offer and don’t have time or capabilities to prepare for internationalisation.

As a matter of fact, going abroad to expand the market is a difficult and time-consuming challenge and we at EPN Consulting help these companies to update their mindsets, choose the better countries where they could expand their business and advise on how to set up new companies or subsidiaries.

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