Business Management

Assistance to SMEs on how to organise their growth, improve productivity and expand their business abroad

EPN Consulting has wide experience of working with SMEs in several fields and knows well the problems SMEs face when they intend to grow.

The assistance follows three different paths in accordance with the SMEs categories commonly identified as:

  • Micro – from 1 to 9 employees – Annual turnover <€2m – Balance Sheet total <€2m
  • Small – from 10 to 49 employees – Annual turnover <€10m – Balance Sheet total <€10m
  • Medium – from 50 to 249 employees – Annual turnover <€50m – Balance Sheet total <€43m

We will meet SMEs to understand their growth plan and advise them on how to proceed in relation to their field of expertise, willingness to internationalise the business, staff capabilities, etc.

To discuss your future growth objectives please write to:

Project Management and Coordination

EPN Consulting is happy to take over the burden of project management and/or coordination workload from Clients and help them save time for their own specific business duties.

The EPN Consulting team can define project management principles for several business topics and take care of writing reports, assessing eligibility of expenditures v allocated budget, and supervising activities to ensure time optimisation.

In case of consortia, EPN Consulting can also take care of the partners management, their work packages or tasks fulfilment and costs reporting.

This assistance can regard the whole company or one/more departments(s), according to the specific needs and company size.

To discuss your urgent needs please write to:

Training Courses and Seminars

Clients willing to promote innovation across their organisations can rely on EPN Consulting’s team to design and organise bespoke training courses and seminars on a number of subjects.

EPN Consulting is pleased to play the mentor’s role to help your organisation grow thanks to having more trained human resources. Universities are invited to contact EPN Consulting to organise seminars for their students.

Most requested topics are:

* Entrepreneurship and productivity

* Reaching Net Zero as an individual or a business

* How we could modify our lifestyle and reduce Climate Change effect

* Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Sustainable Transport and Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

* Smart Mobility in Smart Cities

* Project Management and Coordination


All courses are offered in Basic or Advanced mode.

To discuss your needs in details for customised training sessions please write to: 

3 reasons to choose the EPN Consulting Courses:

  1. Tailored Contents – Examples and best practices discussed within the course will be tailored to the audience’s needs, while the main course structure stays the same

  2. Tailored Calendar – To match Clients’ busy diaries the course dates are flexible and can be agreed with EPN Consulting within a proposed monthly range. Currently training courses and seminars are held in London (UK) and Dublin (IE), however alternative locations in Europe can be discussed with an extra fee

  3. International Experience – Thanks to its wide International Experience and Extended Network of Professionals, EPN Consulting is able to complement the topics taught with examples and best practices taken from several countries and mainly unknown by the general public