Welcome to the New EPN Consulting website!


We are happy and proud to announce the complete revision of the EPN Consulting website.

EPN Consulting was established in London in November 2009 and soon after its website was developed. In those days it was appreciated and, differently from other consultancies websites, we added an Events section that is still today a reference point for visitors.

The Events section has been totally revamped and now it is possible to filter the tens of professional events organised in Europe we carefully select by category (e.g. ICT, Energy, transport, etc.); cities; months. We just ask you some patience as we have started to move the events from the current list to the new multi-filtering page.

As many of you know, EPN Consulting is not only a consulting firm, but also a valued European Network of Professionals. We took this opportunity to refresh the packages of membership we offer that you can visit on our new website.

We waived joining fees and introduced new and more complete Membership categories (Bronze, Silver and Gold). In addition, we added the possibility to try our special network by joining the network for 1 month only and to encourage fresh graduates to enter the professional world we now offer them a super-discounted Bronze membership.

Last but not least, now you can buy and renew your membership online!

Finally, special contents such as documents, presentations, videos, etc. will be available only to our members, so don’t hesitate to join our network ASAP: you will appreciate its value!┬áMore information will follow.

In the meantime, please give us some time to prepare several sections of this new website, transfer and add new professional events to our appreciated section.

Starting your 2018-2019 professional season will be even more valuable if you join The EPN Consulting Network!