November 2018 Editorial – EPN Consulting Newsletter


In the last months we have often read offline and online that advanced technologies (e.g. AI) could reduce many job places in the next decade because some activities will be performed by machines whilst some others will become old and useless, thus dismissed. As this is foreseen to happen in any advanced country, the topic is generating worries among populations and governments.

I don’t see this situation as catastrophic: while it is true that new technologies can make some jobs outdated, at the same time they create new professions, new roles, new jobs profiles.

We could make thousands of examples in any industry but let’s focus on IT. Could we just imagine how many experts in hardware and software we have now worldwide that didn’t exist just 40 years ago? and what about the Internet, Wireless communications (from GSM to 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), app developers, GPS-based services, Connected and Automated Vehicles, etc. Some of these professional fields (and job opportunities) didn’t exist just 10-15 years ago and now they are progressing in new directions and request new skills.

The problem is not technology, but the willingness of individuals to learn something new and, above all, to engage in a continuous personal growth. Some say that people with little money cannot afford buying books or booking training course to keep up with today’s rapid evolution. I don’t agree: many of these people spend nearly all their savings in trendy sneakers or large 4K TV sets while with just a few Pounds/Euros anyone can buy a basic e-reader – such as the Kindle – where it is possible to download and read thousands of books for free!

That’s why governments should invest money and effort in educating people about reading, learning, improving their culture. There is an article that is periodically published/recalled on the Internet: “Poor People Have Big TVs, Rich People Have Big Libraries“.

I know that education and culture don’t automatically make human beings rich in money but they certainly make them rich inside and better prepared to face the challenges of modern times.

Stefano Mainero
EPN Consulting CEO & Founder

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