Help EPN Consulting make Europe a better place to live in


EPN Consulting is a unique example of consultancy service and network of professionals joined together with the common aim of supporting Sustainability. We defined our mission 10 years ago when the UN Sustainable Development Goals were far from being clearly identified.
We started with studying Sustainability in Transport and how Intelligent Transport Systems could make transport more efficient whilst reducing polluting emissions. We have continued in this direction and in the recent years have widened our view to Circular Economy which should help (and educate to) reuse existing items to reduce the number of items thrown to landfill.

Our professional assistance have been carried out in line with the European Commission’s vision and guidelines. Besides, we have decades of experience in European funds that relieve our clients from the economic burden of designing and implementing innovation by using EC funds (mainly coming today from the Horizon 2020 framework programme and tomorrow from its successor, Horizon Europe).

We study the numerous H2020 work programmes to understand which ones most suit our clients’ business ideas and help them convert ideas into viable tangible projects while working with European partners that, if needed, we can find among our portfolio of 2,500+ professional contacts.

We would like to see Europe strong again in the worldwide business without forgetting the respect for the Environment.

In these days at EPN Consulting we are celebrating 10 years of professional activity and are happy to offer discounts to attract many new clients and network members in order to help us reach our goal of making every European country a sustainable place to live in.

Contact us at [epn10years (at)] for more info.


Stefano Mainero
EPN Consulting Founder & CEO

Photo by Ryan Everton on Unsplash