February 2023 Editorial – EPN Consulting Newsletter


This is the 150th issue of the monthly newsletter that started in September 2010, nine months after EPN Consulting was established. It evolved through the years until the current format. In the next months you will see further changes in the topics presented as there will be differentiation from the one that is going to be published in Spring 2023 by the Dublin-based EPN Consulting Research and Innovation.

The first immediate change concerns the EU Affairs, EU funding schemes, European calls for proposals, etc.. After Brexit, the UK entered a limbo regarding its participation in EU projects. From the beginning, the UK stated that it did not intend to continue taking part in the Erasmus+ scheme that so much benefitted companies and individuals during the past years. This scheme was replaced by the British Alan Turing scheme that so far doesn’t seem to have been much successful.

Then, there was the issue of the Horizon Europe funding framework. In this case, the UK showed interest in continuing taking part and, initially, this seemed possible, but then – due to some political reasons that I don’t intend to discuss here – the participation has become complicated and, although technically still available, UK companies have lost interest in it.

For this reason, the first change between the two companies I introduced is the hand over of all EU-based activities from the London to the Dublin EPN. As a matter of fact, from this Feb 2023 issue on, you will not find any Horizon Europe submission deadline. You will find them in the Events section of other website, once ready.
By the way, the other website went live on the 23rd Feb 2023 which marked the 1st anniversary of the company incorporation! Please visit it, send us comments and suggestions to info@EPNConsultingResearch.eu.

EPN Consulting Research and Innovation will be fully dedicated to sustainability that will of course include mobility and transport, but will also focus on circular economy, decarbonisation, and every initiative and action that will help fight climate change.
Besides, the company will very much focus on Research and Innovation activities carried out internally and externally with particular attention to Dublin, Ireland and the EU.

EPN Consulting will continue its commitment to sustainability with special attention to intelligent mobility, smart cities, ICT, technology, as well as Training Courses and Strategic Knowledge Transfer sessions. The reference markets will be London, the UK, and beyond.
The good thing is the EPN Consulting Network will still be managed in London and further info will be disclosed in the near future, when a complete refresh of the website is planned.

Follow both companies on their own social media accounts and you will be kept updated with activities, changes and improvements.

Stefano Mainero
EPN Consulting Founder & CEO
EPN Consulting Research and Innovation Founder & CEO