June 2023 Editorial – EPN Consulting Newsletter


As you can read below in this newsletter, on 15 June 2023 we at EPN Consulting organised and held the final conference of the Erasmus+ “Collective Innovation to Fight Climate Change” project in London. The title was “Racing to Net Zero” because we believe we must accelerate the pace to achieve Net Zero to avoid disastrous and irreversible consequences.

On 27-28 June 2023 I attended, again in London, Reset Connect, a conference on sustainability where the Net Zero concept echoed in many workshops I joined.

Finally, on 29 June 2023, guess where? in London, I took part in the London Regional Investor Event organised by 3Ci and Net Zero was the key objective of discussions across the entire day.

This tells a lot about the grown awareness of the urgent need to do something concrete to prevent temperatures from exceeding the 1.5’C average temperature increase, which is a very good thing. However, what emerged in the two conferences I mentioned above, there is a lot of scepticism about the fact politicians will be properly skilled and equipped to deal with the climate change issue that will last much longer than their presence in the office. Moreover, it also emerged that London is much more advanced and organised to tackle this issue than the UK central government and this could generate slowdowns if not problems.

Of course, this is common in several countries as it is well known that legislation lags behind the advancements/progress of technology as well as social habits,  behaviours and needs.

We could go on for ages discussing this “hot” topic, but my concern is that the hard work many scientists, technical consultants, impact investors and green economy initiatives have been doing could have a lesser final impact because of politicians.

Stefano Mainero
EPN Consulting and EPN Consulting Research and Innovation Founder & CEO