Where in Europe has the best and worst Internet speeds?


We spend on average over six hours a day on the Internet. This could be a very productive use of your time or an infuriating experience, depending on whether your Internet connection is lagging.

And it appears that the country you live in could be a key factor in whether you will enjoy the experience or not.

Using data from the Google page load speed checker, comparison service Business Comparison examined the average loading speed of web pages on both desktop and mobile devices for every European country, with the Nordics notably dominating the top of the board.

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What we think
Unfortunately there are still discrepancies in the quality of digital services we daily use (a.k.a. “digital divide”). Connection Speeds (download and upload) are certainly the main parameter, but also service reliability and coverage are important.
Last but not least, Connection Cost: in several part of Europe we find a huge price difference and/or various monthly Gigabytes allowance (mobile telephony) that makes using the service a normal activity or something to think about and be used carefully. As Finland was in 2010 the first country in the world to make Internet access a legal right, other countries should follow soon to ensure a widespread progress and growth of the overall European economy. (S.M.)