is MaaS dead?


In the FEB 2024 Editorial our CEO Stefano Mainero talked about Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and its difficulty of becoming a proper system that could be widely adopted to incentivise the use of a seamless public transport system that could also include soft modes such as cycling and walking.

The MaaS concept was introduced 15-18 years ago and in those days it seemed to be a revolutionary way of proposing intelligent mobility with a worry-free payment system. Thanks to an app, passengers would have been able to build their itineraries from A to B, pay one total sum, and use the means of transport suggested for each leg.

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons this concept faced many difficulties in becoming popular and in these days we read two sad news: the filing for bankruptcy of MaaS Global, pioneering in launching MaaS solutions, and the closure of MaaS Alliance, a public-private partnership working to establish the foundations for building a common approach to MaaS. Do these announcements mean the end of this wannabe future of mobility service?

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