June 2022 Editorial – EPN Consulting Newsletter


Last month, at the bottom of the May 2022 EPN Consulting Newsletter you may have noticed an additional motto. That’s why I am so happy and proud to dedicate this editorial to our brand-new company, recently set up in Dublin (Ireland): EPN Consulting Research and Innovation Ltd.

WHY set up a new company? There are many reasons that I summarise in two main points:
Brexit. The London-based EPN Consulting has been widely recognised in Europe as expert in EU-funded projects. Unfortunately, Brexit has diverted the UK attention from European projects and, even worse, cancelled the participation of the UK in the Erasmus+ funding scheme where EPN Consulting recently finished the coordination of one project while being coordinating another one until 2023. This acquired know-how could not be lost
Research & Innovation. Certainly these two words have been overly used in the last decade(s), however dedicating selected collaborators on specific research tasks allows a company to give its contribution to the growth of the entire human community and improve their quality of life. This is something that cannot be neglected, particularly in such difficult times as those ones we have been living with climate change heavily hitting us.

HOW do we intend to achieve our goals? While there will be a continuous collaboration between the new EPN Consulting R&I and the 12-year old EPN Consulting, specific topics – such as climate change resilience – will be more studied, assessed and analysed in the former one that will also take care of writing robust EU-funded project proposals. We could simplify the concept by saying R&I activities will be carried out in Dublin whilst business-oriented tasks – such as advising SMEs to grow and expand – will be managed in London.

WHAT services will the new company offer? Shaping innovative ideas into project proposals, assessing R&I tasks and how they could be converted into projects, preparing / participating / co-ordinating EU-funded projects will certainly be some of the activities carried out in Dublin. However, as it currently is with EPN Consulting, our clients and collaborators are scattered across the entire European continent and this is what marks the distinctive point of the EPN Consulting companies.

These are just the initial principles for the new EPN Consulting R&I because, as we all know, “it is not the strongest or the most intelligent species that survive, but the one that adapts best to change“(*). And we will never stop improving and will continue working on new trends/topics/issues to adapt our knowledge and services offered to our ambitious Clients.

Stefano Mainero
EPN Consulting Founder & CEO
EPN Consulting Research & Innovation Founder & CEO


(*) many people attribute this saying to Charles Darwin, despite there is no proof he pronounced it