August 2023 Editorial – EPN Consulting Newsletter


As anticipated a few weeks ago, the revamped EPN Consulting website is now live!

This was done for a number of reasons. First of all, the older website was designed more than five years ago and it needed a fresher look.

Then, the incorporation of the new EPN Consulting Research and Innovation based in Dublin implied the revision of the kind of activities carried out by the two companies. The most obvious example is represented by the EU projects service that, after Brexit, made sense to transfer to Dublin.

Third, the plan of distinguishing more clearly research activities from business activities, carried out in Dublin and London respectively.

Four, the markets of reference that, because of Brexit, had to be revised accordingly. For this reason, EPN Consulting will take of the business markets of the UK and the rest of the world whereas EPN Consulting Research and Innovation will take mainly care of the Irish and the EU markets.

All these changes are also reflected in the new logo that shows the blue and yellow colours (recalling the EU flag) now identifying the Dublin-based company and the red and blue colours (recalling the UK flag) identifying the London-based company.

Additional changes will regard this newsletter: you are now reading the 156th issue (the 1st one was published in Sept 2010 and you can still retrieve it at this page. Soon, the kind of topics shown as well the professional events will be different and will include worldwide events and exclude what regards the EU.

In the meantime, the new EPN Consulting Research and Innovation newsletter will be published and will focus on EU-based topics and events as well as a greater focus on research activities.

What does not change is the EPN Consulting International Network that, in fact, will allow members to enjoy more exclusive services provided by the two companies (a list is shown at the this page). New members willing to join our network can enjoy a 20%-off discount on any annual membership (Bronze, Silver, Gold) from 01 Sept 2023 to 31 Dec 2023.
The larger the network, the better the services for all!

Happy 1st September, the month when every activity starts again for a sparkling new challenging season!

Stefano Mainero
EPN Consulting and EPN Consulting Research & Innovation Founder and CEO