Enabling “Automation-Ready” Transport Planning – June 2020 (by EC H2020 “CoEXist” project)

Strategic Aim of the CoEXist project:
Bridging the gap between Automated Vehicles (AVs) technology and transportation and infrastructure planning, by strengthening the capacities of urban road authorities and cities to plan for the effective deployment of AVs.

Why is CoEXist necessary?
To ensure a positive roll out of CAVs and its alignment with sustainable urban mobility goals, local authorities will have to play a key role and should take the lead with proactive planning approaches. This begins with planning, as early as possible, how the introduction of CAVs should unfold, to minimise the potential negative impacts and more importantly make the most of the opportunity to influence the paradigm shift into a more sustainable urban mobility vision.
CoEXist provides guidance, tools and methodologies to enable cooperative action and informed decision-making to address the deployment of Cooperative Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM).

The document is available here.